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Draftsman (CAD)


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• Creating accurate CAD drawings from hand sketches, verbal instructions, and site visits;

• Integrating and working with project managers, design consultants, and sub-contractors, to produce and alter drawings;

• Thinking creatively and critically to support the project team in the design process, to create sketches and drawings that work;

• Creating and continually updating project drawings lists;

• Printing various formats of drawing sets for project managers and site superintendents;

• Systematically saving sketches and drawings on our CAD server; keeping the server organized; updating project folders and files as jobs progress and revisions are made;

• Reviewing and checking sketches and drawings for errors, before being sent to architects, subcontractors, project managers, etc.;

• Seeking clarity and understanding from engineers and project managers when you are not 100% certain of something;

• Organizing and uploading drawings to web-based storage sites/collaboration project sites to share drawings with project and subcontractors;

• Create, edit, and update standard details for use in projects;

• Self-competence development in the area of responsibility (Telecom and IT standards);

• Responsible for conducting thorough research based on customer requirements of specific products, icons, images etc.;

Namizədə tələblər

• Technical Background;

• A two-year degree in Computer Aided Drafting;

• Minimum 1-year experience in a CAD Operator role.

• Outstanding fluency and skill within the AutoCAD program;

• Constant development and refreshment of knowledge in Telecom and IT industry standards;

• Excellent communication skills; listening, comprehension, and feedback;

• Good team working skills;

• Well-developed interpersonal skills;

• Ability to work with and create the draft design documentation;

• Ability to work under pressure;

• A passion for doing high quality work;

• High attention to detail;

• Being able to self-start and self-motivate when there is no one available to provide instruction;

• Ability to handle peak work times.



E-mail: [email protected]

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