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  • Aligned under the Well Services division, the Well Integrity Engineer is a support role primarily focusing on providing Well Integrity and Maintenance support for the following activities: Provide guidance relative to Well Integrity concerns for casing/completion designs.
  • Assist in design/process meetings regarding drilling, workover and rigless operations.
  • Ensure well operating limits, barrier and design drawings are created and maintained for all well assets
  • Maintain and distribute a quarterly updated Well Maintenance schedule as per the WIMS policy.
  • Assist Production and Drilling departments with Well Integrity related investigations, providing timely reports and solutions for the same.
  • The position will be office based with some field activity. Position is also rotational and will cover Well Integrity and Maintenance activities.
  • The successful candidate is technically responsible for all completion, rig/rigless and well maintenance activities.
  • He/she will work closely with the various stakeholders and with all related contractors and service companies, to ensure the safe and successful operation of all well assets.
  • Key responsibilities: Aid in creating design summaries and subsequent job program for all Well Integrity and Maintenance activities.
  • Candidate will also aid in the design and subsequent updates to existing well designs for all surface and sub-surface SCE (safety critical equipment).
  • Candidate will be responsible for implementation and adherence to Well Integrity and Maintenance related policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Will ensure that engineering simulations have been performed correctly and will support a knowledgebase for all activities to ensure that it is consistently updated and improved upon based on lessons learned.
  • Candidate will create, implement and follow a monthly reporting summary for Well Integrity and Maintenance.
  • Specific HSE Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that all Well Integrity and Maintenance activities are performed in accordance with HSSE standards and expectations.
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory and company standards & procedures.
  • Ensure that all job designs, presentations, and programs are of the highest standard and exhibit exceptional cost control and a best-in-class service mindset.
  • General: Initiator of the Well Integrity dispensation process.
  • Provides solutions and possible alternatives for all Well Maintenance and Integrity related issues for all involved stakeholders.
  • Provide all MOASP/MAASP operating documentation for all well assets to their respective Well Owners.
  • Support inter-departmental discussions and activities.
  • Reporting & Liaison: Support and assist with job performance, optimization, and post-operational engineering reviews.
  • Technical liaison with internal Drilling and Production departments for Well Integrity related issues.
  • Contract monitoring for budget, cost control and service requirements.
  • Team member of the well services department lessons learned from previous & ongoing operations and works cooperatively with the well services operations’ division on NPT tracking and investigations.
  • Team Building & Personnel: Liaise with all field personnel and monitor the performance of all Well Integrity and Maintenance activities
  • Developing team building with all UBOC and 3rd party service contractor stakeholders to create and promote a culture of openness, involvement, and participation.

Xüsusi tələblər

  • A minimum of 5 years in an E&P operating company engineering role specific to Well Integrity & Maintenance activities.
  • Experience working in high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) Oil and Gas wells.
  • Candidate must have demonstrable experience with various well services disciplines: Coiled Tubing, Well Testing, Slickline, Wireline, Filtration & Brines, Completions, Remedial Cement.
  • Candidate is technically proficient – with a keen eye on cost-control - and able to present his/her ideas in a clear and concise manner to a very broad audience.
  • Very strong technical, computational, operational, and planning abilities coupled with sound decision-making skills.
  • Candidate must be operationally aware of the activities that he/she is designing/planning.
  • Must have broad and ample experience working in multicultural environments.
  • Extensive training courses related to Well Services, Drilling & Completions, Workovers and Maintenance.
  • Candidate is a self-motivated individual with very strong communication & interpersonal skills, able to rapidly integrate into a small but focused engineering team.
  • It is essential that the successful candidate is functional with both Metric & API units of measure.
  • Minimum BSc or equivalent post-secondary degree. Late-stage undergraduate education coupled with extensive operational & engineering experience with a team lead or better title is also acceptable.
  • Candidate will have considerable experience with the Microsoft Office platform (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and be adept at designing templates and documents based on the same
  • Experience with various 3rd party software platforms such as Open Wells, Well Cat, Stress Check.
  • Candidate must be fluent in the English language and able to speak & write accurately & effectively

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